Letter of Intent

The Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS) Beam Time Allocation Committee (BTAC) is pleased to announce a call for letter of intent (LOI) for experimental beam time at ALLS. The proposals will be eligible for beam time, for minimum blocks of 1 week at a time, from January 25 2016 to July 1 2016. The deadline for submitting the letters of intent is December 14 2015. If you need access to laser systems and sources with repetition rate >10 Hz, the format for the letter of intent is ALLS-1.pdf. If you need access to the 2.5 Hz high peak power laser system, the letter of intent is ALLS-2.pdf.


Access to the laboratory is based on the excellence of science and innovation of the project. The letters of intent are evaluated by an independent scientific committee, chaired by Prof. Donna Strickland (University of Waterloo, Canada), and assisted by Dr. Fabien Quéré (CEA Saclay, France), Dr. Kirk Michaelian (Nature Resources Canada), Prof. Melissa Denecke (University of Manchester, United Kingdom), and Prof. Michel Piché (Université Laval, Canada).


Guidelines for Submission of a Letter of Intent

This document presents the guidelines for the Letter of intent to be presented to the Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS) Scientific Committee within the Call for Letter of intent process, whose deadline is on December 14, 2015.